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Oh, Josie, we miss you already! Pebbles has no one to play with, thus she is quite energetic when I get home from work. You were our first foster, and we loved you. What a perfect #1. You loved the bubbas, you played with Pebbles, you learned, you grew, you loved. What a month together.

What a new home you got – two bengal siblings and a number of cousins! Your new mom seems like she is going to dote on you for the rest of your life. You deserve that. She will do anything and everything to make sure your lives together go smoothly and that you are never uncomfortable again. What a love. And what fun for for pink everything! You know that’s my favorite color.

Wishing you the best life and future.


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Oh, sweet Josie Mae.  She’s been round for about a week now. Coming back into the foster program from a home where her energy and excitement wasn’t suitable to their lifestyle has not been easy for her.  She’s been adjusting, again.

Calm and timid at first, especially around men, she is a bundle of loving kindness, bursting with happiness.  Quick to learn, she’s eager to please.  She’s absolutely flourished with positive reinforcement.  Daily socialization will only help her more.

She’s an alpha dog who loves kiddos.  I am excited to see the progress she has made in just a week.  Still trouble with “come,” Josie can sit and is steadily learning stay.  Oh, the sky’s the limit!  I have high hopes.

Pebbles just adores her.  They play for hours.  The Bubbas like to have another body to cuddle with but are glad she doesn’t intrude in their space.

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Freckles died New Year’s Day. Two weeks later, I couldn’t stand how much I missed her. I began searching online for a new baby girl to come home to.

When I adopted Pebbles, she was sweet, calm and quick to learn. At ten months old, she’s still that same pup but with a lot of energy. Once we moved into our new home with a big yard and after snapping a scrapbook full of what I call my daily surprise pictures (piles of chewed up treasures scattered around strategically for me to easily discover), I realized she was just bored out of her mind. Even with Griffin and Rhino, it just wasn’t enough. I was sad for her, so, I set out to find the best way to help her through the day.

Enter fostering. I bring in a precious dog who not only gets a second chance at life but becomes a friend of Pebbles. We’re all excited to meet each dog that passes through Bella Cashlin. They will be loved.

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