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Transitioning into a new foster program hasn’t been easy for Kat.  She’s had to do lots of reading, asked lots of questions, and learned lots of new things.  We four are super excited about the change because we know what it all means – MORE FRIENDS!!

Today she took SueAnne and Zoe to an AAP at Petsmart. We were super jealous – Petsmart is like our second favorite place ever! We always get treats and toys there.  But she didn’t forget us and brought home treats!

Frisco Humane Society does their Adopt-A-Pet (AAP) events a little differently than Kat was used to.  She came home very happy though – met new friends (two-legged and four-legged) and learned new things.  SueAnne and Zoe met new friends too.  We hope they’ll find their own home soon – not because we don’t love them, we just want them to have a Kat of their own!

They said there were lots of other dogs there looking for homes.  She says you can find them on the Frisco Humane Society website.  Don’t you know someone in the DFW area looking for a furry friend?

She also got to see Danny! We miss him!!! He never tackled us, chewed on our ears, stole our toys, ate our food … but he did pee on Kat’s table … once.  She seems so thrilled about his new family. They love him! We’re happy!

Petsmart is like our second favorite place ever! We always get treats and toys there. Frisco Humane Society

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wow. so much work to do!

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If the weather holds up, I’m driving to pick her up tonight. I’m really excited because the sooner I get her, the quicker she gets off her chain and out of the almost-freezing and rainy weather!

Since she’s coming from such a difficult situation, I feel it would be best to re-name her.  Surely Kara just isn’t something she treasures!  Let’s make her feel loved and appreciated with her own identity!

No we haven’t seen her but we do know she’s a black and white Border Collie with short hair.  Maybe a mix.

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Poor Kara (that’s her name) won’t be coming over tonight.  It’s a long truly horrifying story. We are all very very very very very happy she will be leaving that situation soon!  Will update later.

Pebbles is sad to not have a new playmate!

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Oh my, can I do it?  Guess we’ll find out soon enough because I just couldn’t turn down the opportunity to save the sweet girl coming over tonight.

I’m truly thrilled about her.  I know there will be some hard times ahead of us – she’s been living in an outdoor kennel 24/7 all her life so she’s most likely not potty trained, socialized, vetted or trained in any way.  It will be quite a challenge but oh the joy of change.  Oh the reward!

So, look out Bubbas, Ladies, Fosters – I’ve gone off the deep-end!

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While we haven’t been fosters for very long yet … I now know the blessing of an Adopted Foster Reunion!  Last night, SUNNY and her new brother SPUD (also adopted) came for a short visit!  She was energetic and practically crazy taking in all the new smells (it’s been three fosters since she’d been here.) But it was fantastic to see her for a short bit.

Sunny’s on the right. Isn’t it cute how she got a mini me for a brother!?!

And after they were gone … my girls just couldn’t get enough of the smells they left behind! (Sorry for the wretched picture quality)

And of course, it’s always fun when Bandit and Kenzie come to play.  Abbi and Zoe just adore Bandit- following him around, tails waggin’ with glee.  Kenz is one of the Bubbas’ favorites but there were just too many pups around to get a good snuggle in.

Isn’t he the greatest!



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Boy did they play!

The past two weekends, I’ve been out of town.  So the four dogs and two cats have been … well, let me just show you …

(Living Room – where every toy was out, probably buried in the couch, and  then apparently unburied!)

While they have had plenty of play time outside during the day and have had TONS of visitors caring for them, I still came home to this …

(Garage – where boxes were opened and emptied, others were shredded along with a dog bed, and yes, that’s a window screen – how did they get it through the doggie door!!!)

How in the world could just 4 precious dogs and 2 cuddling cats do so much damage … (or maybe they’re really crazy dogs and scheming cats?!)

Well, I’m off to clean … or maybe lay on the couch and let them all surround me and remind me why I love them, why I put up with so much destruction!!



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