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Jumping, scampering, swatting, leg nibbling, hurdling one another, paw fights, tails fluffed, under the couch, over the table, around the lamp … kittens are so fun to watch play.  Right now there are 6 – varying age, size, color.  It makes me smile, especially as I sit her typing – trying to make sense of the past few months and figure out just how I let my blog get so out of date (obviously because I chose to sleep … some).

Well, as you can certainly tell, I’ve been a slacker. Okay, major slacker.  Life just went haywire the day I brought home a momma with nine 2-week old puppies!  Since then there have been numerous fosters: … dogs and … cats, to be more exact. (Including little Carsen who’s currently snoozing on my shoulder, still purring. He’s my favorite – and yes, it’s because he chooses me over playtime. You’d make the same choice!)

As I sign onto FosterDoggies.com for the first time in eons, I only hope that the ever-so-contagious blog bug will hit me hard and I’ll quickly become addicted (in a good way – not in the become crazy obsessed blogging and checking comments at 3 in the morning way. No offense!)
So, for now, I’ll be posting both current and past blogs.  This “catch up” will serve both as a reminder of the wonderful fosters I’ve had over the past few months, as well as, continue to be my quote Foster Journal.  I can’t go back and write what I would have written then, but I definitely want to give words to my thoughts and memories, better recalled now than never.

Oops, there goes the lamp.


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I was looking back through some Ranch pics and saw the below trilogy. It caught my eye bc of the way Pebbles was sprawled out in the mud. As you can see here, it’s typical for Pebbles. She always likes to get dirty:

But this was just too weird – she doesn’t love water so I was actually documenting that she got near it willingly! I’m sure that it in no way did this newly found affinity for lakes have anything to do with her being tied to Piper! Maybe that’s why she’s down – hanging on to dear life, dead weight and making Piper drag her. If I’m going in, I’m not going in easily!

“Pebbles, look at that? What is that? It’s shiny and right there at the edge of the water. Don’t you want that? It’s just for you and you’re gonna love it. Everyone is going to be so jealous of you! You just have to have it”

“Where? Oh, I see it! I must have it … It’s MINE!!!”

“Oh, Pebbles. Guess it wasn’t anyth … wait … what’s that over there? OO, there it is. Let’s go get it!”

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Posed Perfection

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True to their names, these three jump, smoosh, shrink, kick the enemy, scale new heights, flip, make mad dashes, sneak around corners, scope out trouble, and pick on each other.  Whether its scaling stairs or shoo’ing canine enemies outdoors – they’re up for the task.  As a team, nothing is too big, nothing too scary, nothing too challenging.  They’re always looking for the next adventure.

(Now I’m going to share a million shameless pictures – as their proud momma with the certified right to brag. I’ll even through some cute ones in there so as not to confuse you – they are little love bugs … sometimes.)

(P.S. Don’t forget you can click on each pic to see it bigger!)

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Buddy System Kinks:

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Friday I got this email about these 2 mama kitties in a shelter who were just about out of time.  So I asked a fellow foster if she had space for one and I’d help the other.


This pretty kitty is very pregnant.  She’ll soon be a mama and I’m so happy my friend will be able to offer her a wonderful, safe place to raise her family.  Amanda’s got a loud, lovely purr.  She may be a lap cat but with her belly, she hasn’t tried to climb in though she loves to snuggle up against me and plop down for a good scratch.


She’s mine! Well, my foster anyways. Greets me at the door, follows me around – just to get a little loving and let me know how appreciative she is to have a warm, happy place for her babies. Can you imagine her being out on her own this past weekend – in 4 inches of snow!!

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