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We’re one lighter today.  Only 15 mins into our AAP yesterday, someone saw the fantastic character, adorable face, and snuggly nature in Corky even while he wasn’t on his best behavior at all – barking at every dog, uninterested in any person, and fiestily pulling on the leash.

She came in searching for bird food, but followed close behind as Corky, Zoe and I went to set up.  Almost immediately she was sold but even more so when she heard he adores children (she has a young granddaughter).

I was shocked! Corky is about a year and a half and has been in a foster home since he was two days old!  Along with his foster mom and other fosters, we are thrilled for Corky and hope it will be a lasting adoption for him.  He’s on a two week trial but as the applicant has worked with rescues in the past, they will surely be able to work through his shyness and then we’ll be officially celebrating, singing CORKY’S GOT A HOME, CORKY’S GOT A HOME!


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Young Single Handsome Tan Male

Corky is a cutie, isn’t he!

He’s been in a loving foster home where he has absolutely flourished and been doted upon (in other words – SPOILED ROTTEN! ok – not rotten, but you get the idea).  For personal reasons, Corky’s foster mom need time and freedom to recoup and rest with fewer responsibilities.  She sure does love him.  He arrived at my home with great proof – his own crate, beds (yep, more than one), excess  bedding (a whole bag full), favorite toys, bowls, and bags of food!  Goodness, I think everyone else around is going to get jealous!

Though he was a tad shy … for like 2 seconds, he is super joyful now and he shows it – wiggling his entire body wholeheartedly and peering up at you with those big, greenish eyes twinkling with excitement from only about 10 inches from the ground.  Yep, he’s a little character who will be hanging out with us at Bella Cashlin for a while until his foster mama is back on her feet or he gets adopted!! Of course, we’re hoping and praying for the latter!

SueAnne quickly befriended him which is a little weird for her but I like it.  Two chi’s in a pod!  And guess what? HE’S A CUDDLER!!! It’s almost as if it’s a requirement at our place.  I mean, I’ve never known so many snugglers in my life.

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Sometimes, foster dogs are puzzles.  They go through so much when they come to our home – new smells, new people, new sounds, new dogs, new experiences, new environment, new routines … cats! It’s a bit of a shocker at times and dogs need time to adjust.  Of course, they react – all differently. And for me, that’s the puzzle. What makes them tick? What will help them relax? Why won’t they eat or come out from under the bed or step on the carpet? So many opportunities to help this foster dog become the best dog they can be – to stay adopted!

SueAnne is a puzzle.  A small Chihuahua/Daschund mix, she’s only about 5 years old with a great deal of living to do.  Such a dear, who’s a little needy for my particular tastes – we’re both learning to give in that area.  She reminds me that petting her is showing her I love her and she is safe – and I remind her that she can be safe just sitting next to me or in the same room.

She absolutely loves riding in the car and is always the first to hop up.  Sometimes a little weary of other dogs and definitely those that are a little too pushy or energetic. Her favorite spot for some odd reason is underneath the dog chair – there’s a little pillow under there that suits her. It gives her quite a bit of security while easily able to pop her head out and see what’s going on. Always excited to see me when I get home from work, loves to gobble up treats, and quick to go to her crate.

Camera-shy. Sweet-natured. Cat-lover. Treat-hoarder. Crate-trained. Eye-batter. Tail-whipper (you wouldn’t believe how fast she wags her tail with excitement!) Paw-pusher. Slight-manipulator. Attention-needer. Smile-giver.

Sounds pretty easy, right? Yes, just about, but I just don’t get her. She hasn’t responded to any “techniques” in training. She doesn’t walk any easier on the leash, hasn’t learned to settle in on the couch if there’s another animal up with me, and still runs through doors even though she’s gotten herself hit with a few. (accidently of course! she’s quick.) It took her almost two weeks before she started eating regularly, three before she would be caught next to either of my ladies, and she still hasn’t learned calm even though she has to before coming inside, getting out of her crate, getting a treat/pet/love.

Basically we’re working on it all so she can get to that secure, safe forever home she so deserves.  She’s truly shown improvement … it’s me who’s learning most! Gotta get those pieces together.

She will miss her buddy, Danny!

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This week, we’re babysitting some fosters.  Since Sunny was adopted, we are watching a few friends while their foster mom has surgery and recovers for a few days.
SueAnne is a little old woman. She’s dear, loves you like a grandkid and is a little cranky to the youngsters. While she doens’t quite settle in, she wants nothing more than to be next to me. She begs for your attention, wants it all on her! That special spotlight.

Danny is a sweetheart – no joke. He’s genuinely kind, completely interested in me (not the Ladies or the Bubbas). Gotta love that.  He’s going to learn a few obedience commands here but does really great. His foster mom is great with him. You can tell he’s spoiled but doesn’t act like it.

They are a fun addition to the house for right now.  Pebbles begs Danny to play but I don’t know that he knows how to play with big dogs as all his foster family are itty bitty chi types.  And Abbi just follows SueAnne around. She has quite an affinity for the little ones.

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(My journal entry on November 5th)

Wow, we just weren’t ready for you Sunny. We’ve never had an alpha female in the house.  Here we were, foster family spoiled with Miss Josie and Sunny comes over.  Oh how she asserted her dominance quickly.  She was here to rule the roost, or at least one dog and two kitties – she wasn’t going to boss me around, she just didn’t know it yet.

At first glance, you’d think Chihuahua, but think twice the size and spunk.  Sunny snooped around those first few hours, jumping up on me, running away just so I knew she didn’t care that I wanted to pet her, growling and snapping at Pebbles. Oh she was in for a treat.

She ignored me. That is until she heard that scoop hit the dog food.  She was mine.  First step to asserting dominance – food control.  You do not jump on me for food, you do not rush at the bowl, you do not scarf it down. She ate in her crate.  Then, to the leash.  She would learn that I’m a patient one – I will wait until she obeys.  Nope, she wouldn’t sit. Not yet.  Sunny’s a stubborn one.

That night, spent in a crate – she let us know just how unhappy she was there.  Determined to be let out of that crate, every hour or so she’d start to whine.  Not just any ole whine, this whine was so shrill and loud that I could hear her in the kitchen beneath us and at the back of the house.  At 3 – we moved her to the garage.  Didn’t do much to help.  Two nights later, she was tied to the dog bed at the foot of the bed – not a peep.  She even sits there quietly in the morning until I’m ready to let her loose.

Sunny has a long way to go.  Pebbles will be a great help there.  Coming from a house full of precious little Chi’s and other fosters, she had tons of love and lots of play time, but as an alpha dog – she needed more one-on-one time obedience training so that she can be the best adopted pup she can be.

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