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We’re one lighter today.  Only 15 mins into our AAP yesterday, someone saw the fantastic character, adorable face, and snuggly nature in Corky even while he wasn’t on his best behavior at all – barking at every dog, uninterested in any person, and fiestily pulling on the leash.

She came in searching for bird food, but followed close behind as Corky, Zoe and I went to set up.  Almost immediately she was sold but even more so when she heard he adores children (she has a young granddaughter).

I was shocked! Corky is about a year and a half and has been in a foster home since he was two days old!  Along with his foster mom and other fosters, we are thrilled for Corky and hope it will be a lasting adoption for him.  He’s on a two week trial but as the applicant has worked with rescues in the past, they will surely be able to work through his shyness and then we’ll be officially celebrating, singing CORKY’S GOT A HOME, CORKY’S GOT A HOME!


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One might be quick to assume that a home where the pet to person ratio is 9:1 would be practically out of control.  But if you did assume such a thing, you would be a little off base.  Yes there are times when toys cover the floor, tails wag with glee and dogs literally fly over you (well, only Pebbles).  But mostly, the only noise I ever hear is Abbi’s soft snoring (okay, not the entire time, but predominately soft).  Yes, even now …


Abbi is our resident cuddler … self-proclaimed, of course

Probably because she looks so retarded when she snoozes solo


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As a foster mom (and I speak for the Ladies and Bubbas as well), there are so many things that you worry about when you adopt one of your fosters out.

1. Will he adapt? Will those quirkly habits like licking your toes or rolling over when you say “sit,” those things you actually love about your foster, that make him unique – they those be loved by their new family?

2. Is it the right home for him? Do they know he likes to take a nap with his head in your lap? Will they feed him enough? Will they take him for car rides? He loves car rides. Will they teach him new things? Are they nice people?  Will they love him?

3. Will I miss him? Should I have adopted him myself? (Well, of course no because then I couldn’t be saving the next one – the one I already have and got the same night he went home.) Oh, I’ll miss him!! I always do!

BUT – then there are those awesome adoptions – when you know its going to be perfect, just perfect!  I couldn’t be more happy with the family that adopted Danny.  They had come into Petsmart shopping for their two other pups, Lacey and Jill – both adorable and truly members of the family.  Even with two gorgeous girls at home, they couldn’t resist him – adorable, sweet, and oh those eyes just staring with deep love from behind those bars!

I sat down with mother and daughter – and with Danny roaming between us – right there on that tile floor and we talked … only about Danny … for about 40 minutes.  They were in love.  No, they didn’t need another dog – but they sure wanted him. And that right there – knowing someone truly WANTS your foster, that’s all I need!

On my way home I called a friend, fellow foster, mentor in this whole foster/animal rescue world to share in my excitement and to make sure she looked specifically for the application. No answer – so Danny and I rolled the windows down (on that 30 degree day) and turned the music up. We were celebrating! I was sure this was Danny’s family! He was too.

Boy were we right. Just three days later he went home!  What a LUCKY boy!  Mariann is the new love of his life.

From Kim~ Mariann’s mom, Lacey’s mom, Jill’s mom, and DANNY’S MOM!!!

Danny is settling in just great.  He is such a love bug!  I have not been able to get him to sleep with me in the bed but I put one of the dog pillows in the room and he sleeps on the floor next to me.

Marianne just adores Danny and him her.  They are so cute together.  I have attached a picture I took of them yesterday morning.  This is how they are most of the time.   Marianne and Jill have brought out the frisky puppy in Danny.  They go out in the back yard and run around playing catch and tag.  LOL

I do miss him … greatly! So do the others (at least I like to think so).

Thank you, Kim and Marianne, and Lacey and Jill, for adopting Danny and giving him SUCH A WONDERFUL LOVING HOME where he can shine, feel safe, and know he’s loved.


P.P.S. If you need a dogsitter while you’re on your honeymoon – count me in!!


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