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Jumping, scampering, swatting, leg nibbling, hurdling one another, paw fights, tails fluffed, under the couch, over the table, around the lamp … kittens are so fun to watch play.  Right now there are 6 – varying age, size, color.  It makes me smile, especially as I sit her typing – trying to make sense of the past few months and figure out just how I let my blog get so out of date (obviously because I chose to sleep … some).

Well, as you can certainly tell, I’ve been a slacker. Okay, major slacker.  Life just went haywire the day I brought home a momma with nine 2-week old puppies!  Since then there have been numerous fosters: … dogs and … cats, to be more exact. (Including little Carsen who’s currently snoozing on my shoulder, still purring. He’s my favorite – and yes, it’s because he chooses me over playtime. You’d make the same choice!)

As I sign onto FosterDoggies.com for the first time in eons, I only hope that the ever-so-contagious blog bug will hit me hard and I’ll quickly become addicted (in a good way – not in the become crazy obsessed blogging and checking comments at 3 in the morning way. No offense!)
So, for now, I’ll be posting both current and past blogs.  This “catch up” will serve both as a reminder of the wonderful fosters I’ve had over the past few months, as well as, continue to be my quote Foster Journal.  I can’t go back and write what I would have written then, but I definitely want to give words to my thoughts and memories, better recalled now than never.

Oops, there goes the lamp.


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can refer to ANY sort of separation like adopting out 2 cats & 3 dogs in a week?


In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE warmth required for a good night’s sleep, snuggling needed to enjoy a movie, excitement demanded so I feel welcomed home.


This happens after consuming one  ….. Pebbles

OR MORE ….. Abbi, Griff, Rhino, Piper, Mattie, Willow, SueAnne, Zoe, Corkie, Beck

of these substances for a certain period of time.


Generally, a person will start to feel worse ….. Corkie, Willow & Beck adopted

AND WORSE ….. Zoe & SueAnne adopted

hit a plateau ….. I’m holding tight to Mattie and Piper

and then the symptoms begin to dissipate ….. ONLY because I’ve got a new pup coming tonight and a second Sat! AND potentially a new kitty in there somewhere!



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You may not be from around here but it was ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!! I spent it outdoors, err WE spent it outdoors every moment we got.

Friday night I met Beck’s new family.  Boy is she a smart kitty lover! Beck is going to be one spoiled cat – brushed, petted, loved and adored as the only man of the house.  He’s one lucky kitty and I’m happy for him – his daily boxing matches with Rhino might have had the best of him soon .

We left Willow up at Petsmart in hopes that a week there would find her a good home and the Pebbles and I headed to Home Depot for some last minute training before her Therapy Dog test Saturday afternoon.

Soon we were home and happily greeted by the jealous herd there.  It was bittersweet without Beck and Willow to greet me at the door.

Saturday was a long FULL day – woken at 6am by Piper’s whining (a new thing she’s learned with confidence), immediately outside, I get breakfast ready because I’m here to serve them, all inside, eat, outside, give kitties nose drops (kitty cold from Willow), get scratched, chase kitty to give more drops, clean scratches, dress in grundgies, sweep, clean up breakfast, inside, crate a few, gather the rest, load up the car, everyone hop in, to the dog park, out, run, run, run, play, run, almost 3 hours later load up for home, they sleep, I clean (isn’t that how it always is?!), give kitties nose drops, bandage scratches, Pebbles and I go to our test, squeak out some nerves, test, test, test, PASS, celebrate, home, one-on-one times with those left behind, wonder if Willow got adopted, crate, I get “Kat time,” home, give kitties drops, outside, bed.

Sunday was pretty much the same with a few additions – church, home, lose Mattie, dog park, WILLOW GOT ADOPTED!, nursing home visit, home, another visit to family, do dishes, turn on disposal, find Mattie after she shot out from under cabinet, comfort scared kitty, laundry, bath 5 dogs and 3 cats, brush 5 dogs teeth, 2 dogs cry, 3 dogs hate me, 3 cats growl, clean 8 sets of ears, give kitties drops, lay down on couch, watch movie while dogs go wacko bc they’re clean, wake up with three kitties on top of me, two dogs on each side, crick in neck.

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We’re one lighter today.  Only 15 mins into our AAP yesterday, someone saw the fantastic character, adorable face, and snuggly nature in Corky even while he wasn’t on his best behavior at all – barking at every dog, uninterested in any person, and fiestily pulling on the leash.

She came in searching for bird food, but followed close behind as Corky, Zoe and I went to set up.  Almost immediately she was sold but even more so when she heard he adores children (she has a young granddaughter).

I was shocked! Corky is about a year and a half and has been in a foster home since he was two days old!  Along with his foster mom and other fosters, we are thrilled for Corky and hope it will be a lasting adoption for him.  He’s on a two week trial but as the applicant has worked with rescues in the past, they will surely be able to work through his shyness and then we’ll be officially celebrating, singing CORKY’S GOT A HOME, CORKY’S GOT A HOME!

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Young Single Handsome Tan Male

Corky is a cutie, isn’t he!

He’s been in a loving foster home where he has absolutely flourished and been doted upon (in other words – SPOILED ROTTEN! ok – not rotten, but you get the idea).  For personal reasons, Corky’s foster mom need time and freedom to recoup and rest with fewer responsibilities.  She sure does love him.  He arrived at my home with great proof – his own crate, beds (yep, more than one), excess  bedding (a whole bag full), favorite toys, bowls, and bags of food!  Goodness, I think everyone else around is going to get jealous!

Though he was a tad shy … for like 2 seconds, he is super joyful now and he shows it – wiggling his entire body wholeheartedly and peering up at you with those big, greenish eyes twinkling with excitement from only about 10 inches from the ground.  Yep, he’s a little character who will be hanging out with us at Bella Cashlin for a while until his foster mama is back on her feet or he gets adopted!! Of course, we’re hoping and praying for the latter!

SueAnne quickly befriended him which is a little weird for her but I like it.  Two chi’s in a pod!  And guess what? HE’S A CUDDLER!!! It’s almost as if it’s a requirement at our place.  I mean, I’ve never known so many snugglers in my life.

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One might be quick to assume that a home where the pet to person ratio is 9:1 would be practically out of control.  But if you did assume such a thing, you would be a little off base.  Yes there are times when toys cover the floor, tails wag with glee and dogs literally fly over you (well, only Pebbles).  But mostly, the only noise I ever hear is Abbi’s soft snoring (okay, not the entire time, but predominately soft).  Yes, even now …


Abbi is our resident cuddler … self-proclaimed, of course

Probably because she looks so retarded when she snoozes solo


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The Test

Warm cloudy days – the best for my three monsters to be outside playing while I’m off bringing home the bacon … err dog food … by the truck load!  The Bubbas even enjoyed the day outside (I’m sure part of the day was spent in one of my neighbor’s homes – doesn’t matter which, just any that had a door open!)  SueAnne probably spent it snuggled on the couch enjoying the peace! She got a prized spot without fighting for it – or just giving me the “sad eyes.”  I can be a sucker.  And the two new kitties – perched in glory and comfort in the guest room.

I was feeling a little good, a little confident, and a little sad.  Piper hasn’t gone to the bathroom in any sense in over THREE days.  Now this is quite normal for neglected dogs – as they are still trying to figure it all out.  She doesn’t like to even eat near me because that makes her vulnerable.  So, guilt-ridden, I decided to just let her hang out in the kitchen all day, knowing full well my cleaning skills would come into practice that night.

As I locked the door and headed to the car, I wondered if she would scale the half wall between my kitchen and living room.  Or would she sit on the widow seat and watch the others playing outside. Would she just sit in her crate or climb on the counters just to knock things over.  Her last few weeks, she’s pretty much been mellow but curious, so I wasn’t too worried.  She’s a sweet girl who is glued to my side when I’m there, unless she feels threatened and then zooooom … to her comfort spots.

But … on this day … I didn’t come home to a few potty spots to clean up.  I came home to a confused and scared – REALLY scared pup.  You can see it in her eyes!



did you spot her? See the red collar?




what is it with my blinds!!!!! Below was a flustering day – Pebbles had destroyed 6 windows worth – Piper has now gotten at the last one!  Victory is theirs, sadly!

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