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Good Fun

It always amazes me what I walk in on when I leave the zoo unattended for a while …

I mean … little did I know they were playing one of my favorite games: Where’s Waldo, err Zoe? And without me!!!!!! What’s the deal with that guys, huh?!?! I feed you, I pet you, I love you, I bath you, I give you one-on-one time, I pick up your poop! COME ON!!

Rhino found her first but decided quickly that it was more fun swatting at her and hearing the crinkle sounds!

Then she tried to hide under the chest but couldn’t get her badonkadonk down.

That’s when Pebbles caught her but Zoe used her super speed to run into the wall and become invisible!

Until she felt the pain! Maybe now she won’t start a such a round without supervision!


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One might be quick to assume that a home where the pet to person ratio is 9:1 would be practically out of control.  But if you did assume such a thing, you would be a little off base.  Yes there are times when toys cover the floor, tails wag with glee and dogs literally fly over you (well, only Pebbles).  But mostly, the only noise I ever hear is Abbi’s soft snoring (okay, not the entire time, but predominately soft).  Yes, even now …


Abbi is our resident cuddler … self-proclaimed, of course

Probably because she looks so retarded when she snoozes solo


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As a foster mom, I like to take my fosters everywhere I possible can.  Exposure is everything in getting a successful adoption.  Dog parks, pet stores, Home Depot, friends and family, errands, etc.  Everywhere I go, I try to make it aware that these adorable tag-a-longs are not my own – they could be your new best friend.  Are you ready?

The hard part is, yes people see the dogs, express interest in them – but how many really remember what I, the human, the person, not that loveable bundle of joy … how many can recall the website or organization to contact in order to adopt? I’d hope all but I’m sure very few.

In order to circumvent such forgetfulness, I decided to design and carry with me always a little business card with all pertinent information and of course, a picture of the pet they are interested in.  These are invaluable tools to me – and aren’t they just too cute!!  I encourage you foster moms out there to do something similar.

(I glue their picture on the back over the saying)

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If the weather holds up, I’m driving to pick her up tonight. I’m really excited because the sooner I get her, the quicker she gets off her chain and out of the almost-freezing and rainy weather!

Since she’s coming from such a difficult situation, I feel it would be best to re-name her.  Surely Kara just isn’t something she treasures!  Let’s make her feel loved and appreciated with her own identity!

No we haven’t seen her but we do know she’s a black and white Border Collie with short hair.  Maybe a mix.

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