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Hailey … now Beck!

Yep, she was a neutered he!  So, all that gorgeous knock-out gibberish I bragged about just a few days ago … well, just automatically switch it all to handsome and studly!


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What?  You hear something?  I didn’t hear anything.

I stood there trying to convince the Bubbas there wasn’t anything interesting tucked away behind those closed doors – much less two beautiful new fosters who happened to be of the same kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genius …. as them, though they typically claim a royal canine geneology.

The Bubbas weren’t convinced, so they grunted and went back to digging their way in, much to my dismay.  But then again, what’s another whole in the carpet?!  (please note the sarcasm!)

Because there’s a big old flashing red “No Vacancy” sign at my doggie motel, err home … I thought some classy kitties around would add charm and elegance.  So, I went and got two!

Willow is a Turkish Van. Unfortunately as evident as it is that someone, somewhere loved her dearly, she had been abandoned, picked up as a stray.  Beautiful, fluffy, with a soft endearing meow that allures you Siren-like to her in a trance –  “I must pet you, I want to pet you, I like to pet you” – and bamm you’re there all night at the cost of the eight others, who’s powers are evidently much weaker.  Or is it because she’s new around town.

Hailey is a Himalayan beauty.  Released by her family with a skull and crossbones collar and the name of 2ton – she’s nothing but sweetness.  Probably the softest cat I’ve ever known.  Her eyes, oh her eyes. Can’t you tell?! Okay, well, I picked the wrong picture.  I’ll get some more but for now – just trust me they are a stunning ocean blue!  She’s a knockout.  This morning when I went in to greet her, she was snuggled on her bed at the window cheerfully watching the morning begin around the neighborhood.

These two girls will truly be a blessing to the families that wait for them!  Tomorrow they go to the vet and I hope to have them up for adoption soon.



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