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Last week, Mattie had surgery. Bless her heart. I took good care of her.  The day before, I spoiled her by locking the Bubbas in my room and keeping the dogs outside. She roamed around – freely and without hesitation. The day after, I coddled her, loved on her, gave her only canned food to eat (learned she hates that), gave her only dry food!  She’s been staying in a luxury kitty suite for her recovery with room service, daily bedding changes, and a personal masseuse (yep – me!)


But the poor girl still hasn’t recovered.  Three big ole stitches crawl up her bare neck.  It’s a sad site.  She’s throwing up daily: her petite system is still trying to get all the anesthesia and drugs out.


Though she’s happy rubbing at my ankles, purring with a good scratch – she’ll barely look at me!


And to top it all off, she’s being a little rebellious by purposely pooping OUTSIDE of the litterbox.  She’d never done that before. I put an extra box in the room (where she was pooping) – but no … that’s not good enough.  Her anger is obvious. I can see it every once in a while when it peeks through the “love me” mask she’s been wearing.  She’s gonna show me exactly what she thinks of being dropped off at the vet and operated on!  I’m thinking tonight I’ll be putting a tarp down in the room!


and I say – hey, at least you don’t have to wear the cone of shame!!


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Okay, while I haven‘t hadn’t really experienced much pain and suffering in the world of fostering – I knew it was out there. I’ve heard horror stories, read blogs about the struggles pups and kitties go through (along with their foster parents), seen the commercials on TV (you know the ones where you frantically search for the clicker so you can flip channels before you see it!).  But I’ve been a pretty lucky foster mom for the past almost 8 months.  That is until yesterday!

I had three fosters at the vet – Angus, Mattie, and Massimo (formerly Maceo – just couldn’t pronounce it!!).

Angus: 1 year old, happy-go-lucky black lab

General Health: FANTASTIC – couldn’t have gotten a better report. shiny coat, white teethies (save a few missing and some blood in something I don’t care to talk about – yuck – prescription meds will clear it right up.  Just something that happens when you switch food and have a big change in life.)

Family History: unknown (he’s a country boy – sing with me now: everybody knows everybody – everybody calls you friend – says alot about the dog world.)

Symptoms: none visible. eats well, plays often, snuggles best.

Diangosis: Heartworm positive! (doesn’t that make you want to scream!)

Next Procedure: A long 6 week process of painful injections and treatments, 2 day hospital stay, 2 day boarding stay, and then spend the rest of the time 24/7 in his crate.  (how miserable for an active, young, gleeful boy!)

Mattie: 3 year old, small black kitty

General Health: overall healthy. Only likes hard food. Shy

Family History: unknown – course.

Symptoms: large lump on side of neck

Diangosis: cyst

Next Procedure: surgery – happened yesterday. Now her neck’s shaved all down her left, with a long, deep incision and three massive stitches.  She must stay in a kitty suite, alone, for 7 days until the stitches come out. (not good for a shy girl who finally showed improvement just last week!)

Massimo: 7 year old, HUGE black cat (18+ lbs)

General Health: come on, 18 pounds! gotta be healthy

Family History: grew up in a home with a family who unfortunately wanted a dog – he didn’t agree.  Was well cared for and loved but given up for quote – man’s best friend.

Symptoms: is hissing and growling at me when I try to pick up & cuddle a symptom?

Diangosis: positive for Feline Aids (nothing you can do about it either! boogers)

Next Procedure: let him hang out in a kitty suite, alone, because he’s a grumpy one and can pass the disease on to other kitties with a mere nip. Get adopted by someone without any other kitties. With his health and age – he’ll live quite a while longer!!


In the end, I’m VERY glad that each of these ebonies came across my path. Without Frisco Humane Society, Angus would have died from heartworm disease, Mattie’s cyst would have grown and attached itself to her throat ultimately killing her, and Massimo may have infected others.  Each has a better future, a HOPEFUL future and I’m blessed to be a stepping stone to get there.

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So, it’s come to my attention that though I have 4 orange and white pets of my own – I have a natural affinity for black pets!!  In the last week, while I’ve been celebrating the FIVE adoptions I had, I quickly filled their spots with THREE un-adoptables (at this time).  With that – los tres are black – ALL black – not a single hair of another color.  Black cats and dogs are some of the hardest to place – did you know that?  I didn’t – oops!
But goodness, I’m already in love. Mattie has been fantastic and these two – well, of course they are!

ANGUS: black lab

What an excited boy! You can’t even tell he came from the same place Piper did and that’s such a blessing.  He loves people and has already done great on his first leash experience. At just under a year old, he’ll bring a lot of life  It can only get better from here.


MACEO: black cat

Maceo is a 7 year old who was very reluctantly surrendered by his owners so that he could find a home where a big old dog wouldn’t stress him out too much (hmmm, maybe I’m not the best foster). He’ll be spending time up in the kitty suite until he’s comfortable enough to hang out … though he’ll probably never come down the stairs into the dog dungeon. He’s so neat and I’m excited to have him around.

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can refer to ANY sort of separation like adopting out 2 cats & 3 dogs in a week?


In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE warmth required for a good night’s sleep, snuggling needed to enjoy a movie, excitement demanded so I feel welcomed home.


This happens after consuming one  ….. Pebbles

OR MORE ….. Abbi, Griff, Rhino, Piper, Mattie, Willow, SueAnne, Zoe, Corkie, Beck

of these substances for a certain period of time.


Generally, a person will start to feel worse ….. Corkie, Willow & Beck adopted

AND WORSE ….. Zoe & SueAnne adopted

hit a plateau ….. I’m holding tight to Mattie and Piper

and then the symptoms begin to dissipate ….. ONLY because I’ve got a new pup coming tonight and a second Sat! AND potentially a new kitty in there somewhere!



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You may not be from around here but it was ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!! I spent it outdoors, err WE spent it outdoors every moment we got.

Friday night I met Beck’s new family.  Boy is she a smart kitty lover! Beck is going to be one spoiled cat – brushed, petted, loved and adored as the only man of the house.  He’s one lucky kitty and I’m happy for him – his daily boxing matches with Rhino might have had the best of him soon .

We left Willow up at Petsmart in hopes that a week there would find her a good home and the Pebbles and I headed to Home Depot for some last minute training before her Therapy Dog test Saturday afternoon.

Soon we were home and happily greeted by the jealous herd there.  It was bittersweet without Beck and Willow to greet me at the door.

Saturday was a long FULL day – woken at 6am by Piper’s whining (a new thing she’s learned with confidence), immediately outside, I get breakfast ready because I’m here to serve them, all inside, eat, outside, give kitties nose drops (kitty cold from Willow), get scratched, chase kitty to give more drops, clean scratches, dress in grundgies, sweep, clean up breakfast, inside, crate a few, gather the rest, load up the car, everyone hop in, to the dog park, out, run, run, run, play, run, almost 3 hours later load up for home, they sleep, I clean (isn’t that how it always is?!), give kitties nose drops, bandage scratches, Pebbles and I go to our test, squeak out some nerves, test, test, test, PASS, celebrate, home, one-on-one times with those left behind, wonder if Willow got adopted, crate, I get “Kat time,” home, give kitties drops, outside, bed.

Sunday was pretty much the same with a few additions – church, home, lose Mattie, dog park, WILLOW GOT ADOPTED!, nursing home visit, home, another visit to family, do dishes, turn on disposal, find Mattie after she shot out from under cabinet, comfort scared kitty, laundry, bath 5 dogs and 3 cats, brush 5 dogs teeth, 2 dogs cry, 3 dogs hate me, 3 cats growl, clean 8 sets of ears, give kitties drops, lay down on couch, watch movie while dogs go wacko bc they’re clean, wake up with three kitties on top of me, two dogs on each side, crick in neck.

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For those of you actually interested in the progress of those fosters hanging out and about … well, I apologize for not being very consistent in that area.  Yes, I’ve had some fun posts, but nothing that lets you know what’s going on individually!  So, as we are quite a crew, let’s go one-by-one!


SueAnne has the BEST news possible!! She has been ADOPTED!!!!! This precious elderly man came into Petsmart with her daughter buying trinkets for her two when he spotted our dear Sue and rushed over.  He scooped her up, tilted his head and inquisitively asked her name. “Oh, SueAnne,” he whispered, “aawwweee!” He just cooed over her and I knew it was love at first sight. He just couldn’t get enough of her. One of those most precious men that is joyful and endearing to everyone.  He went home, applied, returned to PM the next day and bought several “necessities” including a car seat so she could go everywhere with him! For those of you fosters or shelter workers out there – you can understand how wonderful it is when the perfect person finds your pup or kitty!  She will be doted upon day-in and day-out. Exactly what she wants and nothing more! She’ll be hanging out for another week until he gets back in town and can start the 2 week trial officially! I’m gonna soak it up!


Zoe always gets interests at our adoption events and this last weekend was no change.  She got several applications and I’m hoping that one will follow through because I just know they would be a wonderful family for her.  She’s learning stay for a period of time and calm but she can’t get down just yet (neither can Pebbles).  She is such a cutie and I know will give tons of joy and laughter to her adoptive family!


Piper is making strides and then falling backwards.  We set up a zip line for her in the backyard to see if that would help her relax a little back there and actually go to the bathroom anywhere but Abbi’s bed and Pebbles’ crate. This will hopefully give her confidence!  She’s coming when called though it’s hard to trust that I want to just love on her. I think she’s got a little bit of separation anxiety but right now she’s just curled up on her bed with Sue. Well, okay – she’s as close to the wall as possible, but it’s a step forward from desperately trying to be invisible under a chair.


Willow is merely hanging out for another week and doing her time until she moves onto her forever home. Yep, pretty much the day she was available she was ADOPTED and has merely been counting down the days. I will miss her as she follows me around, loves to cuddle and sit in my lap, and completely ignores the Bubbas’ hisses (I think they’re jealous).


Beck was finally introduced to the rest of the gang last night and has done wonderfully.  He’s just walking around with the big dogs like he owns them and it cracks me up.  His favorite spot is in my Asian wooden bucket which holds my throws.  He just settles in and watches the world wisp by until he gets thirsty, when he carefully maneuvers down and around to get a drink – he’s a very thirsty boy!


INTRODUCING Mattie!  She’s a gorgeous short-haired black kitty who was given up because she never came out from under the bed.  Right now she’s hanging out in our luxury cat room with fresh water, premium canned food, specialized fitness equipment, and bird’s eye view (guest bathroom) where she doesn’t have too many places to disappear.  But … she’s come and greeted me every time I’ve entered and loves lovin’.


And of course – my four.

Well, the Ladies are enjoying the thought that a few will be departing soon though they do like having them around.  Pebbles absolutely adores kitties and if by some mere accident she gets stuck on the side of the pet gate where they aren’t, she wines! Not because she wants to be with me, but with them.  Abbi just likes to take advantage of having more “little ones” to care for.

And the Bubbas, well, their initial curiosity has quickly departed.  They hiss at Willow, I’m sure from jealousy as it’s merely when she’s near me.  There is no issue with Beck so it must be her, it’s gotta be her.  But I mean, I obviously didn’t train them very well – because it’s a HER! They are fine though, adapting nicely.

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