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You may not be from around here but it was ab-so-lute-ly gorgeous!! I spent it outdoors, err WE spent it outdoors every moment we got.

Friday night I met Beck’s new family.  Boy is she a smart kitty lover! Beck is going to be one spoiled cat – brushed, petted, loved and adored as the only man of the house.  He’s one lucky kitty and I’m happy for him – his daily boxing matches with Rhino might have had the best of him soon .

We left Willow up at Petsmart in hopes that a week there would find her a good home and the Pebbles and I headed to Home Depot for some last minute training before her Therapy Dog test Saturday afternoon.

Soon we were home and happily greeted by the jealous herd there.  It was bittersweet without Beck and Willow to greet me at the door.

Saturday was a long FULL day – woken at 6am by Piper’s whining (a new thing she’s learned with confidence), immediately outside, I get breakfast ready because I’m here to serve them, all inside, eat, outside, give kitties nose drops (kitty cold from Willow), get scratched, chase kitty to give more drops, clean scratches, dress in grundgies, sweep, clean up breakfast, inside, crate a few, gather the rest, load up the car, everyone hop in, to the dog park, out, run, run, run, play, run, almost 3 hours later load up for home, they sleep, I clean (isn’t that how it always is?!), give kitties nose drops, bandage scratches, Pebbles and I go to our test, squeak out some nerves, test, test, test, PASS, celebrate, home, one-on-one times with those left behind, wonder if Willow got adopted, crate, I get “Kat time,” home, give kitties drops, outside, bed.

Sunday was pretty much the same with a few additions – church, home, lose Mattie, dog park, WILLOW GOT ADOPTED!, nursing home visit, home, another visit to family, do dishes, turn on disposal, find Mattie after she shot out from under cabinet, comfort scared kitty, laundry, bath 5 dogs and 3 cats, brush 5 dogs teeth, 2 dogs cry, 3 dogs hate me, 3 cats growl, clean 8 sets of ears, give kitties drops, lay down on couch, watch movie while dogs go wacko bc they’re clean, wake up with three kitties on top of me, two dogs on each side, crick in neck.


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New Girl at the house.  Abbi!  She’s been here almost a month, so it’s about time to write about her.

Friday ~ Browsing through Craig’s List, I spotted someone giving away their dog – a must go as they were moving.  After seeing the picture, I fell in love with her. But no, I didn’t need another dog.  Pebbles was doing great and we were just about to be therapy dog certified!  So, I just wrote and offered to help find a family for that dear girl if they didn’t by the time their flight took off.

Sunday ~ I went on my observation visit to see if therapy dog work really was something I wanted to do.  It was a wonderful afternoon and I’m excited about the opportunity to serve those in assisted living facilities or children’s programs.  Pebbles is going to be perfect for it – save the doubts some of the other registered TD owners’ had about her.

Her size for one – at only 30 pounds (they with their 80+ pound dogs) sort of sneered at her petiteness.  How could people stuck in their beds reach over to touch her? How could people in wheel chairs bend their backs? I got a little worried.

Her excitement – their dogs were way mellow. Boring almost. The dogs didn’t even wag their tails to greet someone.  Was that good?  Would Pebbles’ natural glee when meeting a new friend be bad?

Only one? – yes, I only have one dog. Oh.  They all had at least two td’s. Hmm. I was only getting started, did I really need so many? Would I do it so often. Well, yes.  When you only have one they told me – you run the risk of putting the seniors into regression if the dog misses a visit because she’s sick or even worse, what if she dies? What do you do after that?

So, excited, tense, and somewhat sullen – I drove home anxiously.  Almost home, I got a call from Abbi’s owner.  They needed me to help – so I turned around and went to pick her up.

A lab look-alike, this adopted pup was pure white and up to my hips. No bending over to pet her head. She had a really cute curly tail. I was in love.

Sweet, mellow, soft and fuzzy, droopy eyes and a thick neck. She was beautiful.  In just two days, she was a keeper.  I couldn’t imagine how perfect she would in our home.  Pebbles was sooo thrilled. A big dog! What fun! A new playmate, one that will always be here no matter how many fosters come and go.

A few weeks later – she’s hanging out and has developed her presence. She does great with the Bubbas, loves playing with Pebbles, enjoys foster friends, drawn to people, gaining confidence.

I’m excited to see how she melts into the household even more! She’s a jewel!

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