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Jumping, scampering, swatting, leg nibbling, hurdling one another, paw fights, tails fluffed, under the couch, over the table, around the lamp … kittens are so fun to watch play.  Right now there are 6 – varying age, size, color.  It makes me smile, especially as I sit her typing – trying to make sense of the past few months and figure out just how I let my blog get so out of date (obviously because I chose to sleep … some).

Well, as you can certainly tell, I’ve been a slacker. Okay, major slacker.  Life just went haywire the day I brought home a momma with nine 2-week old puppies!  Since then there have been numerous fosters: … dogs and … cats, to be more exact. (Including little Carsen who’s currently snoozing on my shoulder, still purring. He’s my favorite – and yes, it’s because he chooses me over playtime. You’d make the same choice!)

As I sign onto FosterDoggies.com for the first time in eons, I only hope that the ever-so-contagious blog bug will hit me hard and I’ll quickly become addicted (in a good way – not in the become crazy obsessed blogging and checking comments at 3 in the morning way. No offense!)
So, for now, I’ll be posting both current and past blogs.  This “catch up” will serve both as a reminder of the wonderful fosters I’ve had over the past few months, as well as, continue to be my quote Foster Journal.  I can’t go back and write what I would have written then, but I definitely want to give words to my thoughts and memories, better recalled now than never.

Oops, there goes the lamp.


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