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I was looking back through some Ranch pics and saw the below trilogy. It caught my eye bc of the way Pebbles was sprawled out in the mud. As you can see here, it’s typical for Pebbles. She always likes to get dirty:

But this was just too weird – she doesn’t love water so I was actually documenting that she got near it willingly! I’m sure that it in no way did this newly found affinity for lakes have anything to do with her being tied to Piper! Maybe that’s why she’s down – hanging on to dear life, dead weight and making Piper drag her. If I’m going in, I’m not going in easily!

“Pebbles, look at that? What is that? It’s shiny and right there at the edge of the water. Don’t you want that? It’s just for you and you’re gonna love it. Everyone is going to be so jealous of you! You just have to have it”

“Where? Oh, I see it! I must have it … It’s MINE!!!”

“Oh, Pebbles. Guess it wasn’t anyth … wait … what’s that over there? OO, there it is. Let’s go get it!”


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Posed Perfection

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Buddy System Kinks:

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The Buddy System:

The A Team ~ Angus & Abbi

Team P ~ Piper & Pebbles

All Together Now:

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Last weekend, I traveled down south to visit my Mimi!

Isn’t she adorable!! The best!  Sadly, this blurry awful photo is the only one we took together.  Pathetic isn’t it!  I’m going to be better about that next time.


The just under 4 hour drive was uneventful enough.  Gorgeous weather permitted us to roll the windows down and enjoy the breeze – or 70+ mph winds.  Abbi loves the wind in her face … she just plops down, gets cozy, and rests her head on the door where the vibrations lull her to sleep.  Pebbles, on the other hand, suffered from car sickness as a puppy so nowadays, her spot is directly behind the driver. Anywhere else and she panics – climbing over anything and everything to get to “her spot.”

Angus and Piper also got to go.  As Angus is about to have to undergo heartworm treatment, he’s living up his “last days” to the fullest.  The Ranch was a perfect weekend for him and he was so anxious to get there he never sat down. Seriously, he didn’t!  Piper got her own personal space and security in a crate in the back. She was more than happy to not be crammed in the back row between frozen-stiff P and pacing A.

It’s an awesome place – the weekend was going to be full of memories.

(breath-taking view from the back porch)

We arrived, well I did – to freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! About 4 dozen that would barely last us the weekend 😉


Mimi has three pets – Maggie, a loveable, pleasantly plump dauschund (VERY pleasantly) and then there’s the two kitties –  Ginger, and Tigger – neither of which were all too happy to have us there.  Ginger is the Bubbas mommy and Tigger their brother!

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Isn’t she just adorable! Don’t you want to just scoop her up and let that puppy breath fills your lungs! Okay, kinda gross and pretty much kisses aren’t permitted at my house unless asked. But you must admit she’s the MOST ADORABLE PUPPY you’ve ever seen!!!


She’s been here about 30 mins and this is her take on what’s going on …

“Who are you? I like you! Let me nip you!  No, okay … I’ll find somebody else.”
“Whoa, the enemy is quick … and HUGE!  But I’ve got a few secret powers they aren’t aware of. My superdog shrill bark should hold them off!  YAP YAP.”
“What is this thing they put around my neck? I must get it off.”
“Hmm, there’s just no way to sneak attack. They’ve got me cornered.”
“Turning on superdog hyper speed! Yes, they tremble & cower in my presence!”
“RETREAT, RETREAT!! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!!!  Boy they’re big!”
“Maybe they won’t see me under this one! Darn. Why aren’t I invisible? This thing they put on my neck must have stripped me of my superdog powers!”
“Resort to Plan B – ATTACK!!!”
“She’s fierce! If I could only get this off … “
“Bahhh…. I can’t risk it. I’ll have to destroy her first & then worry about it.”
“She even knows my secret superdog belly bite! Can she read my mind?!?!”
“I must rest and re-coup. Hmmm, on to Plan C.”
“Why aren’t my superdog strong nails working to get this off?”
“I’m sure the superdog booty dos-si-do will get her!”
“Almost …. allll–mmmooostt ….”
“AHHHH, a sneak attack!! She’s good.”
“I’ll show YOU what it means to attack from behind!”
“They’re distracted. My chance to get this off and destroy!”
“Blast – they knew my plans!”
“The big white one – hmmm. I like her.”
“Ya know …… this is fun!”
“Okay, one battle lost, but not the war, not the war.  You beware spotted girl!
One last try!”
“Oh, I give up. Plan D – look cute and snuggle.”

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can refer to ANY sort of separation like adopting out 2 cats & 3 dogs in a week?


In order to experience the symptoms of withdrawal, one must have first developed a PHYSICAL DEPENDENCE warmth required for a good night’s sleep, snuggling needed to enjoy a movie, excitement demanded so I feel welcomed home.


This happens after consuming one  ….. Pebbles

OR MORE ….. Abbi, Griff, Rhino, Piper, Mattie, Willow, SueAnne, Zoe, Corkie, Beck

of these substances for a certain period of time.


Generally, a person will start to feel worse ….. Corkie, Willow & Beck adopted

AND WORSE ….. Zoe & SueAnne adopted

hit a plateau ….. I’m holding tight to Mattie and Piper

and then the symptoms begin to dissipate ….. ONLY because I’ve got a new pup coming tonight and a second Sat! AND potentially a new kitty in there somewhere!



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